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Residential LPG

Residential LPG pipeline system is also known as Reticulated LPG/Gas Systems.
Reticulated LPG/Gas system is nothing but supplying the LPG through special LPG pipeline network. This system is most sought of in residential projects in all metro cities.

How it Works?
LPG cylinders are stored in a cylinders bank at the ground level and the regulators are installed in all the apartments. Special protected devices are installed in Gas bank. The system has multiple pressure regulation stages to supply LPG to user at low pressure and to make the system safer. This system is compatible to piped natural gas after the availability of natural gas in respective cities.


  • LPG Cylinders are connected to the manifold arm
  • NRV for cylinder to avoid back flow
  • Main line emergency valve to cut off LPG supply to entire complex
  • 2nd stage isolating valve to cut off branch line
  • LPG supply through heavy duty “C” Class ERW pipe
  • Gas pressure reduced to 2Kg/cm2 & 0.5 psi inside the kitchen
  • Auto change over valve to ensure regular supply
  • Enough stock of LPG to last 10 days fuel consumption 5 days stock in use + 5 days stock as reserve
  • Gas cylinders & system are handled by authorized mechanic
  • Pressure release valve in the supply line
  • 3rd stage emergency valve inside the kitchen to cut-off the supply in the kitchen
  • Individual gas meter to read LPG consumption
  • Q.T valve as 4th stage to cut off LPG supply for burner
  • ISI mark best quality rubber tube to connect cooking appliances
  • Safety clinic and seminar for actual users
  • Pressure test and leak test will be witnessed & certified by 3rd party Inspection agency or chartered engineer
  • By pass arrangement to facilitate periodical maintenance
  • Special LPG Stainless Steel Pipe will used for underground line for along life & safety if required
  • Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry

    Key Services

    • Project Planning
    • Designing
    • Manufacturing
    • Commissioning
    • Consultancy

    Matchless Benefit

    • 24 hours gas supply at your command
    • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside your flat
    • Freedom from cylinder transport and possible damage of flooring
    • No holiday for Gas supply
    • No follow up with LPG distributor
    • No waiting list for new connect or refill
    • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption
    • 3rd party accident & loss of property insurance
    • Entire system is as per IS code 6044 Part I

    • System of Gas refilling

      • We maintain the complete system by doing an Annual Maintenance contract with society/ builder after completion of warranty period of one year
      • We do the monthly gas refilling, gas billing by hand held electronic billing machines, payment collection and maintaining record
      • The LPS rate is as per rates declared by Oil PSU/ Central & state Govt. We change monthly services charges to the gas activated flats

        We also provide LPG pipeline for Individual Bungalows / Twin Bungalows / Row houses and Flats as per specific requirements and we are also doing Reticular Systems for Apartments.   

        We provide services such as guidance on inter-fuel conversion optimizing LPG usage and equipment suitability. We also offer value added services such as “Safety Audits”, “Guidance on attaining relevant statutory requirements”. We are also conducting training sessions on storage and safe handling of LPG.

        Siddhakala Distributor has successfully completed many projects by supplying quality commercial kitchen equipments/ventilation to reputed hotels, restaurants, Industrial canteens, Clubs. We have also provided gas piping to school collage labs.

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